Welcome to My Bible First!

Your child will learn and uncover Bible truths in each Bible story. These lessons were made to be fun and enjoyable and most importantly educational. The lessons are also designed to give your child the opportunity to understand Bible concepts in the most creative way. There are In-depth studies, illustrations and fun crafts with every lesson!
From an early age children, can understand what salvation is. My Bible First material helps parents to teach their children to love Jesus and devote their lives in service to Him while still at a young age.

From Beginners to Juniors

That’s why all our Bible lessons from Beginners through juniors present the Bible stories in a sequential order as they happened. Each week’s lesson builds on what was learned the previous week. This really helps children to understand how God has been working in history, and the consequences of choices.

This approach helps children to put all the “pieces” and understanding God’s great plan of salvation.

There are Bible references highlighted throughout, to help children from a young age to read from the Bible as part of their daily lesson study, encouraging them to study the Bible itself, not just learn what someone has written about the Bible. Therefore, there are a few texts in each lesson that parents can look up and read teaching them to use the Bible until they are able to read themselves.

There are also many different materials that coordinate with the Bible lessons available.

It has become clear that today more and more parents are experiencing a need for Bible lessons that would. . .

  • Help them establish daily family worships with materials that will help them and guide them how to make Bible study an interesting time of fun and bonding for the whole family.
  • That will make Bible study practical and appeal to their children to live by God’s principles.

Age Groups


(0-3) Years

Beautifully illustrated one-year cycle using 52 Bible stories & with nature story coordinates with the lesson. Teaching children about the Creator.


(4-6) Years

Beautifully written lessons with a span a three year cycle and presents the plan of salvation in chronological order from Genesis to Revelation.


(7-9) Years

Designed for the early reader to start their personal devotion time.  It also consist of a three year cycle and cover the great controversy and the plan of salvation.


(10-13) Years

Covers every book of the Bible.  Also gives a greater understanding of the Old Testament sanctuary, the major prophecies of Daniel and Revelation,.


(14 and up)

Prepare the youth for adult life.  Lessons are in greater depth.  Faith is actively built and nurtured.  Teaching youth to see the Creator behind all creation.